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Jesus: Saviour, Healer, HelperPastor Leticia Moreno24-08-201956 min 
Seeking the LostPastor Louis Torres17-08-201967 min 
Revelation's Rebirth & RenewalPastor Louis Torres16-08-201961 min 
Saving Grace, and then...?Pastor Louis Torres14-08-201964 min 
The Bible: a Scientific BookPastor Louis Torres12-08-201966 min 
Behold the Bridegroom is ComingPastor Louis Torres10-08-201963 min 
To the Jew FirstDr Jacques B Doukhan13-07-201965 min 
The Future King, the Fool and the Wise WomanPastor Leticia Moreno15-06-201944 min 
The Reliability of the ScripturesDr David Sedaca02-03-201962 min 
The Mistaken Write-OffMiamba Chansa26-01-201944 min 
The Rest of the StoryZen Wijeyesinghe27-10-201848 min 
A Matter of the HeartBeryl Landers06-10-201845 min 
Servant not CelebrityDr Ken Landers15-09-201831 min 
The Art of ConflictPastor Daniel Przybylko25-08-201850 min 
Live the MiracleAndrew Spaile18-08-201854 min
Relational DesignClaire Marsh11-08-201830 min 
Hold FastPastor Daniel Przybylko04-08-201841 min 
An Unfailing HarvestMiamba Chansa28-07-201849 min 
Faith at WorkPastor Sam Braga21-07-201873 min 
Faith That TrustsPastor Sam Braga21-07-201874 min 
The Meaning of FaithPastor Sam Braga20-07-201864 min 
Father, Son and Holy SpiritPastor Daniel Przybylko07-07-201837 min 
The Lord is My BannerPastor Steve Stephenson16-06-201851 min 
Where Do You Live?Pastor Daniel Przybylko09-06-201843 min 
A "Type" of ChristPastor Terry Johnson12-05-201842 min 
Burning BushesMitch Hammond28-04-201825 min 
The Persistent GodDr Steve Currow24-03-201834 min 
Barrier BreakersZen Wijeyesinghe24-02-201846 min 
The Four DsSam Letele10-02-201832 min 
Finding the Right PathDion Tully27-01-201842 min 
Purpose in a Busy WorldGeraldine Przybylko13-01-201835 min 
The Yoke and the CrossPastor Sam Braga02-12-201752 min 
The CreatorPastor Tim Shelton28-10-201734 min 
Is It Good News?Brent Whittaker21-10-201741 min 
Rebuilding HopePastor Daniel Przybylko14-10-201737 min 
God's Last Warning MessagePastor Geoff Youlden07-10-201746 min 
The Equation for Water Into WineRhys Charleson09-09-201730 min 
Families That WorkPastor Daniel Przybylko02-09-201740 min 
How Long, O Lord?Harry Kent05-08-201729 min 
Am I Faithful?Geraldine Pryzbylko29-07-201741 min 
Liberation from BabylonPastor Nataniel Pereira03-06-201739 min 
News from the East and the NorthPastor Daniel Przybylko27-05-201751 min 
The Lord is NearAndrew Spaile20-05-201744 min 
Connecting to the PowerPastor Louis Torres13-05-201751 min 
Climbing the LadderPastor Louis Torres06-05-201755 min 
Stewardship - A Matter of the HeartDr Erika Puni29-04-201747 min 
Why Should We Seek the Lost?Pastor Stephen Jakovac15-04-201727 min 
Compassion for SoulsConrad Jurello24-12-201636 min 
Paul and the Thorn in the FleshPastor Geoff Youlden17-12-201651 min 
My Normal FamilyPastor Daniel Przybylko10-12-201645 min 
Christ's Method Alone - Through His EyesPastor David Butcher26-11-201646 min 
The Great Disappointment - Why We Need Safety BarriersRobin Hill22-10-201630 min 
Faith, Job, You & MeErnie Kum Yuen08-10-201624 min 
It's Hard to BelieveHarry Kent17-09-201631 min 
War of the WordsMaciej Kuberek10-09-201631 min 
Where Will You Build?Kyal Service27-08-201632 min 
Connecting with God: Distractions and the prefrontal cortexDoctor Ross Grant23-07-201647 min
Power of ForgivenessGeraldine Pryzbylko09-07-201633 min 
"For I Am God and not a Man" Andrew Spaile28-05-201644 min 
Revival that LastsDuane Haora21-05-201646 min 
Mission Impossible?Duane Haora20-05-201637 min 
We Wish to See JesusStephen Takac14-05-201639 min 
Miracle MumPastor Daniel Przybylko07-05-201616 min 
The Gospel - Relevance For TodayGeraldine Przybylko30-04-201639 min 
Lord of the HarvestPastor Daniel Przybylko20-02-201630 min 
Be ActiveDarryn Harvey13-02-201632 min 
The Blessing of ObediencePastor Daniel Przybylko06-02-201636 min 
Who May Ascend to the Hill of the Lord?Pastor Daniel Przybylko14-11-201519 min 
Watching Prophecy UnfoldPastor Gary Kent07-11-201548 min 
Out of the NightPastor Gary Webster31-10-201529 min 
John 10:22-42: Jesus Will Not Let You GoAndrew Ferch24-10-201536 min 
The AntidotePastor Daniel Przybylko17-10-201535 min 
God's Love for His PeopleDr Richard Elofer10-10-201566 min 
Friend RequestPastor Daniel Przybylko22-08-201512 min 
Priscilla & Aquila: A Call to MinistryPastor Michael Worker08-08-201543 min 
Give Me JesusPastor Daniel Przybylko01-08-201535 min 
Coming to Grips with SinPastor Wellington Caqui27-12-201442 min 
Thy Kingdom ComePastor Stephen Jakovac28-06-201446 min 
The Power of the CrossPastor Nataniel Pereira21-09-201324 min 
Brand New DayAndrew Spaile14-09-201347 min
A Message of HopePatricia Goncalves07-09-201325 min 
Born for Such a Time as ThisLawrence Chong31-08-201334 min 
John 6:1-15: Jesus: The Master ChefAndrew Ferch24-08-201326 min 
The Glory is Risen Upon YouPastor Nataniel Pereira17-08-201329 min 
Competing for ChristAaron Scott10-08-201320 min 
Attacking the Last GenerationPastor Nataniel Pereira03-08-201340 min 
When All Hope is LostPastor Rodney Woods27-07-201340 min 
Jesus Came to Save the Lost Pastor Nataniel Pereira20-07-201329 min
Leaving Tracks Behind Pastor Peter Joseit13-07-201347 min 
Overcoming by the Blood of the LambPastor Nataniel Pereira06-07-201334 min 
Saved by the Blood of the LambPastor Nataniel Pereira29-06-201328 min
John 5:31-47: Is Jesus the Real Thing?Andrew Ferch22-06-201331 min
The People of the AdventPastor Nataniel Pereira15-06-201330 min 
A Message Easily Understood and MisunderstoodPastor Stephen Jakovac08-06-201353 min 
Walking in the SpiritPastor Nataniel Pereira01-06-201343 min 
AngelsErnie Kum Yuen25-05-201329 min
Live. Learn. Practise. Love.Emma Villalobos18-05-201334 min 
John 5:16-30: The Authority of the SonAndrew Ferch11-05-201337 min
The News Behind the NewsPastor Nataniel Pereira04-05-201325 min 
How Soon Is Soon?Pastor Stephen Jakovac27-04-201353 min 
In Remembrance of MePastor Nataniel Pereira20-04-201323 min 
Climbing the Mountain TopsPastor Stephen Jakovac13-04-201346 min
Preach the Gospel of Peace Pastor Nataniel Pereira06-04-201337 min 
The Little BookPastor Lyle Southwell30-03-201349 min 
When the Righteous Faced the UnrighteousWellington Caqui23-03-201339 min
The Living God and the Shattered ImagePastor Carole Ferch-Johnson16-03-201345 min
Lifesaving: Answer to a NeedAndrew Spaile09-03-201345 min
Building Faith Through PrayerSereana Rasovo02-03-201330 min 
Heaven Reaching EarthMalcolm Rea23-02-201346 min 
The Divine BlueprintPastor Nataniel Pereira16-02-201337 min 
John 5:1-15: The Healing by the Pool Andrew Ferch09-02-201342 min
The Judgement Exalts JesusPastor Nataniel Pereira02-02-201343 min 
Bathsheba & the Males in Her Life Ernie Kum Yuen26-01-201343 min
John 4:43-54: Healing from a DistanceAndrew Ferch19-01-201340 min 
The New Message for a New YearPastor Stephen Jakovac12-01-201331 min 
Looking After No. 1Andrew Spaile05-01-201337 min
Ignite, Unite, Shine BrightLawrence Chong08-12-201237 min 
Humility in the Disciples of JesusPastor Nataniel Pereira01-12-201227 min 
The Soteriological Implications of the Cities of RefugeWellington Caqui24-11-201236 min
John 3:22-36: The Samaritan Woman - Part 1Andrew Ferch10-11-201237 min
The Church's Greatest Need - Part 2Pastor Nataniel Pereira03-11-201236 min 
The Paradox of GivingMark Spaile27-10-201230 min 
The Church's Greatest NeedPastor Nataniel Pereira20-10-201230 min 
The Way, the Truth, the LifeDwayne Manoa13-10-201243 min
Babylon Mindset: The VaccineAndrew Spaile06-10-201247 min
Evolution of a MindsetAndrew Spaile29-09-201256 min
HomeErnie Kum Yuen22-09-201223 min 
Steps to SalvationPastor Stephen Jakovac15-09-201237 min 
A Celebration of RedemptionPastor Nataniel Pereira01-09-201228 min 
Hope for the LostSam Letele25-08-201236 min 
The Faithful RemnantPastor Nataniel Pereira18-08-201242 min
Punishment = BlessingWellington Caqui11-08-201225 min 
The Value of GoldPastor Stephen Jakovac04-08-201258 min 
John 3:22-36: HE > iAndrew Ferch28-07-201250 min 
Waiting for the EndPastor Nataniel Pereira21-07-201240 min 
What Would He Say?Wellington Caqui14-07-201231 min
Zacchaeus: The Poor Little Rich ManCalum Chong07-07-201220 min
Overcomers and ConquerorsLawrence Chong30-06-201248 min
The Boy Who Cried WolfPastor Michael Worker 23-06-201232 min 
Have Thine Own Way, LordPastor Nataniel Pereira16-06-201240 min 
Our Testimonies: God's Delight Sereana & Maria09-06-201240 min 
Peter's Denial and Restoration Pastor Nataniel Pereira02-06-201231 min 
John 3:1-21: Born from Above Andrew Ferch26-05-201252 min 
Entering Into God's RestPastor Nataniel Pereira19-05-201233 min 
Ultimate PowerPastor Gilda Roddy12-05-201239 min 
A Woman to Remember in the Last DaysPastor Nataniel Pereira05-05-201244 min 
John 2:13-25 - The Cleansing of the TempleAndrew Ferch28-04-201237 min
John 2:1-12: The First Sign - the Generosity of God Andrew Ferch14-04-201242 min
The Land Where Jesus LivedPastor Nataniel Pereira07-04-201245 min 
The Prodigal SonAaron Scott31-03-201252 min 
Divine ServiceAndrew Spaile24-03-201231 min 
What Every Person Owes to ChristPastor Nataniel Pereira17-03-201225 min 
Old Sacks, Old Winebags, Old Shoes, Old Clothes & Dry Mouldy BreadSam Letele10-03-201241 min 
Look and LivePastor Nataniel Pereira03-03-201235 min
John 1:35-51: Come and SeeAndrew Ferch25-02-201241 min
Woollahra CommissionPastor Nataniel Pereira18-02-201252 min 
Hope for the HopelessPastor Rodney Woods11-02-201238 min 
We Have a ChampionPastor Nataniel Pereira04-02-201237 min 
Australia DayRoger Robison28-01-201245 min 
You Are a Chosen GenerationPastor Nataniel Pereira21-01-201239 min 
Knowing: The Gospel of LaodiceaAndrew Spaile14-01-201251 min
Excellent News in Time of TroublePastor Stephen Jakovac07-01-201243 min 
New CreationSimon-Marc Brendling31-12-201137 min 
Christmas - What Does it Mean?Ernie Kum Yuen24-12-201122 min 
HolinessPastor Mario Guzman17-12-201129 min 
Harvest TimePastor Stephen Jakovac10-12-201141 min 
Be Reconciled to GodPastor Mario Guzman03-12-201122 min 
HeavenRoger Robison26-11-201134 min 
A Covenant of LovePastor Mario Guzman19-11-201128 min 
John 1:19-34: John the Baptist and the Baptism of JesusAndrew Ferch12-11-201164 min
Try MeEmma Villalobos29-10-201133 min 
They All Fell AsleepPastor Stephen Jakovac22-10-201147 min 
Our Free Will vs. God's Free WillAndrew Spaile08-10-201126 min 
Free Will: Rights & Responsibilities Andrew Spaile01-10-201126 min 
Who DatChristos Spero24-09-201121 min 
Just a TouchPastor Stephen Bews17-09-201138 min 
Where is God Today?Lawrence Chong10-09-201139 min 
The Compassion of ChristHarley Despois03-09-201139 min 
Bound for the Promised LandPastor Stephen Jakovac27-08-201149 min 
John 1:1-18 Prologue: the Word and the LightAndrew Ferch13-08-201153 min
ParadoxesErnie Kum Yuen23-07-201121 min 
Holiness & MissionPastor Mario Guzman16-07-201128 min 
The Innkeeper's DilemmaPeter Brendling09-07-201134 min 
God's Supreme RevelationPastor Mario Guzman02-07-201134 min 
Soul WinningRoger Robison25-06-201135 min 
RepentancePastor Mario Guzman18-06-201119 min 
"I Have No One"Pastor Lova Adrianmora04-06-201134 min 
"My Ways Are Not Your Ways"Andrew Spaile28-05-201142 min
The Holy Spirit FellowshipPastor Mario Guzman14-05-201131 min 
Travelling LightErna Johnson07-05-201130 min
Hey! What's the Big Idea? Andrew Spaile30-04-201146 min
Out of AfricaRoger Robison23-04-201128 min 
Everything I need to know about life, I learned from Noah's ArkErnie Kum Yuen09-04-201126 min
The World's Biggest ButPastor Garth Bainbridge02-04-201143 min 
Ephesians 6:10-24 - The Armour of GodAndrew Ferch26-03-201145 min
Forgiveness with a TowelPastor Cheonneth Strickland19-03-201119 min 
90% OFF* (*Limited Time Only)Andrew Spaile12-03-201133 min 
Ephesians 6:1-9 - The Household Code (part 2)Andrew Ferch26-02-201157 min
Signs Before the Second ComingPastor Mario Guzman19-02-201126 min
The Final SignPastor Gary Kent12-02-201128 min 
Get in the BoatSam Letele05-02-201144 min 
Life After ConversionRoger Robison29-01-201141 min 
Ephesians 5:22-33 - The Household CodeAndrew Ferch22-01-201145 min
Spiritual GrowthPastor Mario Guzman15-01-201125 min 
Escape to Freedom - Part 2Pastor Stephen Jakovac08-01-201161 min 
Escape to Freedom - Part 1Pastor Stephen Jakovac01-01-201137 min 
God of CompassionAndrew Spaile25-12-201044 min
Joy to the WorldPastor Mario Guzman18-12-201028 min 
Importance of Being ThankfulPastor Gary Kent11-12-201034 min 
True Spiritual RevivalPastor Mario Guzman04-12-201035 min 
What are You Chasing?Pastor Brendan Pratt27-11-201030 min 
CommunionPastor Mario Guzman20-11-201011 min 
Saturday MatineeRoger Robison13-11-201028 min 
Deuteronomy Chapter 8Pastor Mario Guzman30-10-201027 min 
The God of the StormPastor Michael Worker23-10-201032 min 
The Rich FoolErnie Kum Yuen16-10-201024 min 
Will You Accept?Woollahra Youth09-10-201020 min
Group Dynamics - Soul ResponsibilityAndrew Spaile02-10-201047 min
Adventist Health InsuranceMalcolm Rea25-09-201051 min
Mysteries of GodPastor Stephen Jakovac18-09-201042 min 
Ephesians 5:1-21 - Children of Light (part 2)Andrew Ferch11-09-201040 min
What Have They Seen in Your House?Pastor Mario Guzman04-09-201033 min 
Ephesians 4:17-32 - Children of LightAndrew Ferch28-08-201040 min
The Secret of the Christian Life (Communion)Pastor Mario Guzman21-08-201018 min 
Creation vs Evolution: The Great DebateAndrew Spaile14-08-201048 min
Ephesians 4:1-16 - Speaking the Truth in LoveAndrew Ferch31-07-201055 min
Baptism By FirePastor Stephen Jakovac24-07-201052 min 
Faith & Fire: Elijah`s StoryWoollahra Youth10-07-201041 min 
Holy LongingPastor Mario Guzman03-07-201028 min 
Stormy SeasDavid Gillespe26-06-201026 min 
Cameos of CaringPastor Alex Currie19-06-201045 min
The Kindness of StrangersErnie Kum Yuen12-06-201029 min 
Righteousness By FaithPastor Mario Guzman05-06-201035 min 
Faith vs. Science?Barend Nieuwstraten29-05-201041 min 
Hearing GodLawrence Chong22-05-201022 min 
Ephesians 3:14-21 - A Prayer for Strengthened LoveAndrew Ferch08-05-201033 min
The Way of RepentancePastor Mario Guzman01-05-201027 min 
On Expectations and RealityErnie Kum Yuen24-04-201027 min
The Time of the EndPastor David Blanch17-04-201058 min 
Ephesians 3:1-13 - The Mystery of the GospelAndrew Ferch10-04-201034 min
Overcoming the DragonAndrew Spaile03-04-201031 min
The Most Unfair Trial EverBarend Nieuwstraten27-03-201039 min 
Spiritual TransparencyPastor Mario Guzman20-03-201029 min 
Simply FriendshipWoollahra Youth13-03-201030 min 
Psalm 67Pastor Mario Guzman06-03-201027 min 
Ephesians 2:11-22 - One in ChristAndrew Ferch27-02-201041 min
The Death of ChristPastor Mario Guzman20-02-201029 min
Changing Me and Changing YouErnie Kum Yuen13-02-201023 min 
Who is the Boss?Pastor Mario Guzman06-02-201032 min 
Ephesians 2:1-10 - Made Alive in ChristAndrew Ferch30-01-201039 min 
Encounter with GodPastor Stephen Jakovac23-01-201043 min 
Steps to be at Peace with GodPastor Mario Guzman16-01-201026 min 
The Sin EquationSimon-Marc Brendling09-01-201032 min 
Accepting Your AssignmentPastor Mario Guzman02-01-201029 min 
Terms of Salvation: The Antidote to DelusionAndrew Spaile26-12-200935 min 
Encounter With JesusPastor Stephen Jakovac19-12-200940 min 
Still CallingPastor Clifton Glasgow12-12-200935 min 
Some Thoughts on the Love of GodErnie Kum Yuen05-12-200919 min 
Ephesians 1:15-23 Prayer & ThanksgivingAndrew Ferch28-11-200942 min 
The Four Faces of JesusWilliam Moala21-11-200939 min 
Thoughts from the Mount of BlessingsBarend Nieuwstraten14-11-200933 min 
King of Kings (Baptism)Pastor Clifton Glasgow31-10-200922 min 
No Pain, No Gain - The Story of the Laodicean ChurchPastor Michael Worker24-10-200935 min 
Ephesians 1:1-14 - Greeting and EulogyAndrew Ferch17-10-200942 min
God and Gen YWoollahra Youth10-10-200942 min
John 8Justin Bone03-10-200930 min 
A Foretaste of HeavenPastor Clifton Glasgow26-09-200952 min
The Church (Communion)Pastor Clifton Glasgow19-09-200923 min 
The DailyChristian Thomas12-09-200955 min 
Clean HeartsPastor Clifton Glasgow29-08-200947 min
Purposeful PrayerPastor Clifton Glasgow22-08-200944 min
Finish the RacePastor Stanley Togafau15-08-200938 min 
Digging at MareshahPastor David Down01-08-200934 min 
How to be Perfect in the End TimePastor Clifton Glasgow18-07-200943 min
Usque Quo, Domine?Pastor Stephen Jakovac11-07-200940 min 
Why Be a Seventh-day AdventistDr Graheme Bradford04-07-200938 min 
When Hatred Is Good! (Communion)Pastor Clifton Glasgow27-06-200920 min 
Blind Faith?Pastor Clifton Glasgow20-06-200944 min 
What Happens When Good People are Thrown Down by Bad CircumstancesPastor Claudio Labutte13-06-200946 min 
Love Never FailsPastor Stephen Jakovac06-06-200939 min 
Knowing God's Will!Pastor Clifton Glasgow30-05-200938 min 
Am I a Cuckoo?Andrew Spaile23-05-200945 min
Throwing the First StoneBarend Nieuwstraten16-05-200928 min 
Running With CertaintyPastor Mark Roberts09-05-200944 min 
One in TenBarend Nieuwstraten02-05-200932 min 
Created for...?Pastor Clifton Glasgow25-04-200936 min 
O Wretched ManPastor Clifton Glasgow18-04-200936 min 
The Sabbath DelightNeale Schofield11-04-200938 min
The Here & Now or Complete SurrenderBarend Nieuwstraten04-04-200932 min 
For His GloryPastor Clifton Glasgow28-03-200941 min
Searching for True ReligionPastor Clifton Glasgow21-03-200941 min
The Bible in RevivalPastor Stephen Jakovac14-03-200946 min 
Prayer and Love LanguagesPastor Gilda Dholah-Roddy07-03-200940 min
Communion: The Forbearance of GodPastor Clifton Glasgow28-02-200914 min 
No Bread!Pastor Clifton Glasgow21-02-200939 min 
On Materialism & ChristianitySimon-Marc Brendling14-02-200937 min
TemptationBarend Nieuwstraten31-01-200944 min 
"I tell you the truth today, you will be with Me in Paradise"Andrew Ferch24-01-200945 min 
Watching For JesusPastor Clifton Glasgow17-01-200932 min 
Say It, Live It, Make ItAndrew Spaile10-01-200952 min 
EndurancePastor Stephen Jakovac03-01-200954 min 
The Spirit & Power of ElijahPastor Stephen Jakovac20-12-200845 min 
Human Arrogance & Divine WrathPastor Eddy Johnson06-12-200861 min 
The Gifts of the CrossLawrence Chong29-11-200850 min
Foot Washing: An Act of Grace (Communion)Pastor Eddy Johnson22-11-200826 min 
Anchors That HoldPastor Stephen Jakovac15-11-200840 min 
The Different Theories about the Atonement 2Pastor Eddy Johnson08-11-200857 min 
The Good SamaritanRobin Tapping01-11-200818 min 
The Different Theories about the AtonementPastor Eddy Johnson25-10-200856 min 
The Passion for ChristSimon-Marc Brendling18-10-200837 min 
A Promise is a Promise!Erna Johnson11-10-200823 min 
Thirst No MoreAndrew Ferch04-10-200841 min 
Believing is SeeingAndrew Lim27-09-200836 min 
Walking With GodMichael Grau-Veliz20-09-200838 min
Of Lilies & Birds - Part 2Pastor Eddy Johnson13-09-200854 min
Jonah: The Reluctant ProphetBarend Nieuwstraten06-09-200841 min 
The Deeper Meaning of BaptismPastor Eddy Johnson30-08-200829 min 
My Name is WomanErna Johnson23-08-200830 min
CommunionPastor Gary Kent02-08-200821 min 
Biblical Health Principles in Today's LivingDr. Christabelle Nath & Michael Pupovac26-07-200854 min
Of Lilies & BirdsPastor Eddy Johnson19-07-200857 min
The Waiting BusinessPastor John Wells12-07-200844 min 
He Must IncreaseLawrence Chong28-06-200851 min 
What Does God Require of You?Robin Hill21-06-200835 min 
What They Found At NinevehAndrew Ferch14-06-200839 min
Show Me the SaviourFleurette Mickkelsen et al.07-06-200824 min 
The ExampleAndrew Lim24-05-200821 min 
Handling the Problem of Pain & SufferingPastor Eddy Johnson17-05-200855 min 
A Mother in IsraelPastor Eddy Johnson10-05-200828 min 
Faith and HealingPastor Eddy Johnson / Niwaeli Mburuja03-05-200814 min 
The Biblical Concepts of the End Time 8: JesusPastor Eddy Johnson26-04-200855 min 
The Risen RedeemerBarend Nieuwstraten19-04-200837 min 
The Biblical Concepts of the End Time 7: PaulPastor Eddy Johnson12-04-200851 min 
Family (Dedication)Pastor Gary Kent05-04-200820 min 
The Biblical Concepts of the End Time 6: The New TestamentPastor Eddy Johnson29-03-200857 min 
The Miracle that Jesus Couldn't DoAndrew Spaile22-03-200829 min 
CommunionPastor Eddy Johnson15-03-200839 min 
What Can I Do to be Saved?Victor Twartz23-02-200838 min
The Biblical Concepts of the End Time 5: Between the TestamentsPastor Eddy Johnson16-02-200845 min 
Spiritual ResilienceAndrew Spaile02-02-200838 min 
The Biblical Concepts of the End Time 4: The ProphetsPastor Eddy Johnson26-01-200846 min 
"Lazarus Come Forth"Andrew Ferch19-01-200847 min
The Biblical Concepts of the End Time 3: MosesPastor Eddy Johnson12-01-200841 min 
Beauty is in the Eyes of the BeholderErna Johnson05-01-200834 min 
A Time to be GratefulPastor Eddy Johnson29-12-200734 min 
Take a RiskPastor Terry Johnson22-12-200736 min 
The Parables of Jesus (in French & English)Gilbert Gaeta15-12-200730 min 
Love Makes All the DifferenceErna Johnson01-12-200725 min 
The ChurchPablo Lillo24-11-200739 min
A Touch of GraceErna Johnson17-11-200724 min 
The Biblical Concepts of the End Time 2: AbrahamPastor Eddy Johnson20-10-200750 min 
How Could Something so Good Become so Bad?Jacqueline Fabien13-10-200736 min 
The Biblical Concepts of the End Time 1: NoahPastor Eddy Johnson06-10-200750 min
Acts 2: The Early ChurchLawrence Chong29-09-200738 min 
"They That are Called by My Name"Pastor Eddy Johnson22-09-200763 min
"To the Ends of the Earth"Pastor Gary Kent15-09-200744 min
Sabbath Practices, Time and Culture: A Need for TolerancePastor Eddy Johnson08-09-200759 min 
Rebuilding the Wall of JerusalemBarend Nieuwstraten01-09-200729 min 
Those Strange Laws of the Old TestamentPastor Eddy Johnson25-08-200759 min
A Revelation for TodayAndrew Spaile18-08-200737 min 
Samson the JudgePastor Eddy Johnson11-08-200747 min 
The Lord is My ShepherdAndrew Lim21-07-200743 min 
The Reason for Jesus Being HappyPastor Peter Zarka07-07-200733 min 
The King and the CripplePastor Eddy Johnson30-06-200742 min 
So What has Chiropractic got to do with Ezekiel Anyway?Michelangelo Wegner23-06-200716 min 
Power of PrayerAndrew Lim16-06-200727 min 
Another Story About GracePastor Eddy Johnson02-06-200745 min 
A Story About Grace (Communion)Pastor Eddy Johnson26-05-200737 min 
Blessed HopeAntoni Mburuja19-05-200732 min 
A Watchman for the House of IsraelBarend Nieuwstraten05-05-200737 min 
Stewardship 102Michael Grau-Veliz21-04-200747 min
Stewardship 101Michael Grau-Veliz14-04-200743 min
The Role of Israel In God's PlanPastor Eddy Johnson17-03-200756 min 
Patriotism or CivicismPastor Eddy Johnson10-03-200747 min 
Coming, Ready or NotPastor Ricky Howe24-02-200741 min 
Debts and DebtorsAndrew Ferch17-02-200730 min 
Chapter 1000Andrew Lim03-02-200733 min 
A Heart Like HisErna Johnson27-01-200731 min
The Salt of the EarthAndrew Spaile20-01-200732 min 
Solomon: God's Big DisappointmentPastor Eddy Johnson13-01-200742 min 
PeaceRobin Hill06-01-200731 min 
Breathtaking LookPastor David Wong30-12-200653 min
Christmas = Grace, Compassion & MercyPastor Eddy Johnson23-12-200630 min 
Get Out of the BoatJohn Brereton16-12-200615 min 
Baptism: Integrity & CompassionPastor Eddy Johnson09-12-200628 min 
Heaven's Badge of Honour: ServicePastor Eddy Johnson02-12-200636 min 
Isaac, Ishmael: Two CovenantsPastor Eddy Johnson25-11-200640 min 
Assessing God's FairnessPastor Eddy Johnson18-11-200639 min
What is Your Worth?David Haupt11-11-200643 min 
What Would Jesus...?Andrew Spaile21-10-200629 min
The Theological Significance of the Creation StoryPastor Eddy Johnson14-10-200639 min 
The Book of Genesis and it's TimePastor Eddy Johnson07-10-200641 min 
The Millennium, What For?Pastor Eddy Johnson30-09-200649 min 
Let Go - Go With God's FlowGraeme Frauenfelder23-09-200645 min 
Judgment: Restoring Worship to the SonPastor Eddy Johnson16-09-200645 min
The Church: God in Disguise 2Pastor Eddy Johnson09-09-200647 min 
The Church: God in DisguisePastor Eddy Johnson26-08-200659 min 
Gifts of the Blessed BetrothedAndrew Spaile19-08-200637 min
Twice Adopted: A Woman's Walk with GodPastor Eddy Johnson12-08-200620 min 
The Greatest of AllAndrew Lim29-07-200636 min 
When Laity Gets InvolvedPastor Eddy Johnson22-07-200644 min 
JobBob Douglas15-07-200639 min 
What's So Amazing About GraceRobin Hill08-07-200623 min
What's the Most Important Thing in Life?Ken Landerman24-06-200634 min 
Romans 12Pastor Brendan Pratt20-05-200636 min 
Praise the Lord for MothersPastor Eddy Johnson13-05-200630 min 
How Am I Wired For God's Service?Pastor Eddy Johnson29-04-200645 min 
Religion or Saved?Pastor Eddy Johnson25-03-200647 min 
Who Dwells in This House?Pastor Eddy Johnson18-03-200641 min 
The First Among the BegottensPastor Eddy Johnson11-03-200633 min 
What Do You See?Joy Butler04-03-200627 min 
Marriage Vows: Control or Submission?Pastor Eddy Johnson25-02-200651 min 
Eros: An Intrinsic Aspect of LovePastor Eddy Johnson18-02-200634 min 
Crime Against HumanityAndrew Spaile11-02-200659 min 
Saved to Serve 2Pastor Eddy Johnson28-01-200622 min 
Saved to ServePastor Eddy Johnson21-01-200651 min 
Baptism: Crossing the JordanPastor Eddy Johnson14-01-200631 min 
The Family: God's Special Agent in the Great ControversyPastor Eddy Johnson07-01-200636 min
What is Your History?Pastor Eddy Johnson31-12-200534 min 
ChristmasPastor Eddy Johnson24-12-200521 min 
The Golden Rule v2.0Andrew Spaile17-12-200537 min
Baptism: To Die, in Order to LivePastor Eddy Johnson10-12-200523 min 
By God's Word Only 2Pastor Eddy Johnson03-12-200561 min
By God's Word OnlyPastor Eddy Johnson26-11-200551 min 
Can Modern People Pray?Pastor Eddy Johnson19-11-200536 min 
Jesus Is My SuperheroPastor Daron Pratt12-11-200522 min
Pathfinder InvestiturePastor John Wells05-11-200521 min 
From Workshop to ShowcasePastor Eddy Johnson29-10-200531 min
Why did Jesus come?Pastor Eddy Johnson15-10-200547 min
FaithGraham Stewart08-10-200530 min 
Patterns in ProphecyPastor Terry Johnson01-10-200542 min
To Give Is DivinePastor Eddy Johnson24-09-200527 min 
Millennium BluesAndrew Spaile17-09-200527 min
Recapturing The "Wow" In WorshipPastor Eddy Johnson10-09-200537 min 
The Map of Your LifeRobin Hill03-09-200522 min
Belonging 2Pastor Eddy Johnson27-08-200554 min 
BelongingPastor Eddy Johnson20-08-200534 min 
BaptismGary Kent13-08-200529 min 
Psalm 22: Christ's LamentAndrew Ferch30-07-200537 min 
Faith In ActionErna Johnson23-07-200523 min 
To Have the Mind of ChristPastor Eddy Johnson16-07-200542 min
A Question of PriorityPastor Eddy Johnson09-07-200539 min
Prayers of the Bible: How to Read & Understand the PsalmsPastor Eddy Johnson02-07-200538 min
The Church: The Light of the WorldPastor Eddy Johnson25-06-200547 min 
The Gift of Prophecy and The Church 2Pastor Eddy Johnson18-06-200552 min
The Angel EncounterAndrew Spaile11-06-200542 min
The Gift of Prophecy and The Church 1Pastor Eddy Johnson04-06-200544 min
EstherPastor Eddy Johnson28-05-200545 min 
Changed Into Christ's Likeness 3Pastor Eddy Johnson21-05-200556 min
Changed Into Christ's Likeness 2Pastor Eddy Johnson14-05-200561 min
Total SurrenderErna Johnson07-05-200529 min
The Challenge of Discovering the Real YouPeter Jack23-04-200535 min 
Redefining The FamilyPastor Eddy Johnson16-04-200547 min 
The FaithfulsAndrew Lim09-04-200526 min 
The Deeper Meaning of SinPastor Eddy Johnson02-04-200550 min 
SanctificationPastor Eddy Johnson26-03-200554 min
CommunionPastor Eddy Johnson19-03-200541 min
From Death Unto LifeAndrew Spaile12-03-200538 min
Natural Church Development 4Pastor Eddy Johnson05-03-200546 min 
Natural Church Development 3Pastor Eddy Johnson26-02-200561 min
Natural Church Development 2Pastor Eddy Johnson19-02-200554 min
Natural Church Development 1Pastor Eddy Johnson12-02-200548 min
Undeserving Yet RedeemedPastor Eddy Johnson05-02-200565 min